Learn to cook the food of Slovenia – with Slovenes!

By all means we heart Vietnamese noodle soups and American pancakes, but how much do we really know about cooking like our grandparents? How to make potica, frtalja or prekmurska gibanica? To keep the tradition of awesome Slovenian cuisine alive, with a modern twist, we will be bringing you great cooking courses and live demonstrations. We have paired with small business like ours to organise the best authentic cooking class for you – as always in small groups, personalised and customised. Come join us to taste and prepare traditional Slovenian food!

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Potica cooking class / workshop

mediaspeed2707Potica is the pearl of Slovenian culinary heritage and pride of Slovenian households. They say that to be considered the real Slovenian, you have to climb mount Triglav and (if you are a woman) bake potica at least once in your life. The ceremonial preparations for the baking and the careful selection of ingredients of our grandmothers for this bready roll over the centuries formed the myth that baking potica is very difficult, almost like climbing a mountain. But is it really? Janja Štrumbelj, owner of the brand Le Potica and a long term journalism lady turned professional potica baker (hey, does this change of career sound familiar? >>Read Iva’s story too!) will prove that the potica baking can be especially fun as well as instructive. She’ll equipp you with potica preparation in a traditional way, reveal the secrets of successful baking and help to the bake your own potica too, of course.

Time: 9.30 or 15.30 weekdays

Location: Lavrica (south of Ljubljana), public transportation or private transfer extra

Duration: 2,5-3 hours

Min / max people: 2-10

Price: 65 eur / person (discounts for children)

Price includes: hands-on workshop on preparing traditional potica from scratch, potica (to take home), debunking myths on potica making hardships, potica recipe, English explanation

Note: At this workshop, we use wheat flour, eggs, nuts and dairy products that could cause potential allergic reactions. Potica without these ingredients is not traditional, therefore we unfortunately cannot modify the workshop to suit guests allergies towards mentioned ingredients.

Combination of this cooking class and >>a foodwalk is also an option. Interested? Send us an email!


Slovenian dinner cooking class / workshop

Cook_Eat_SloveniaAt this traditional Slovenian food dinner cooking class, we will take you on a culinary journey around Slovenia, share our local cooking philosophy, special ingredients, and family recipes. Špela is an avid sportslady (as we Slovenes are) and passionate gourmand, and with her team she will be more than happy to pass along her grandma’s and mom’s recipes. Spice up your visit in Ljubljana with this hands-on cooking course, seasoned with lots of fun!
We will create a four course meal: a selection of typical cold Slovenian starters will await you, and after that you are ready to prepare foods yourself – from scratch. In the meantime, of course, you will be able to taste Slovenian wine and typical Slovenian schnapps and liqueurs. When finished, we will serve each dish fresh right away.
We adjust our menus seasonally and always cook with fresh ingredients from the local farms or market which is just next door. So join us on hands-on culinary workshop led by locals and learn how to impress your friends with preparing authentic and traditional Slovenian dishes.

Time: 6pm weekdays, all classes by appointment

Location: immediate Ljubljana downtown restaurant

Duration: 3-4 hours

Min / max people: 2-10

Price: 90 eur / person (discounts for children).

Price includes: hands-on workshop on preparing traditional Slovenian food from scratch, English explanation

Combination of this cooking class and >>a foodwalk is also an option.

Interested? Send us an email!