I love Ljubljana. And I love food. So I decided to create Ljubljananjam (pron. Looh-blah-nah-nyum), meaning Ljubljana-yum, food loving community to share news, meet and educate. I want to promote the good stuff.

Ljubljananjam is centered around gourmet foodwine and craftbeer walks: I take you on a yummy lecture around my hometown so you can taste its culinary delights through my suggestions. And fall in love with Ljubljana just like I did. Additionally, Ljubljananjam also offers up-to-date events calendar, local secrets where to dine and sip coffee, in-depth insights into Ljubljana dining scene, and many other yummy events, such as Slovenian craftbeer minifest, cookbook swaps, and bake sales.

Stay tuned with our newsletter. You can help us foster this community, too: send us emails, tweets, photos, or come have a coffee with us!

Why Ljubljananjam foodie experiences?

  • We are your one-stop point on everything delicious in Ljubljana
  • We make the walks customized, catering for your taste and preferences
  • We believe in personal connections with our guides; therefore we keep the walks small, personal and intimate
  • We showcase independently owned local businesses which use fresh, local, seasonal and mostly organic ingredients
  • We present an opportunity to meet likeminded food enthusiasts
  • We are Ljubljana natives, keeping away from tourist traps: we dine where the locals do
  • We know all the participating chefs, and have indulged into presented dishes and drinks ourselves
  • We treat you like a friend – promise we will keep photos with you in our family album!
  • We support local economy

Who is Iva and her partners?

Photo of Iva by Mankica Kranjec

Hi, I’m Iva. I am the one who explains how awesome Ljubljana cuisine is at our foodwalks, answers your email and phone inquiries, runs social media accounts and keeps this website content fresh. I speak the lingo of kimchi, chai latte, char kuey teow, genmaicha, horchatta – and of course potica and bela kava. I would rather skip a museum than munching on fish ball soup, seated on a mini plastic chair on the first day of New Year in Hanoi, Vietnam (true story). In Ljubljana, it’s all about food: professionally, I have done my fair share as a food journalist, and personally I am the recipe central for my friends and family, and always on a mission to hunt down what’s new in Ljubljana dining scene. I keep a (currently on pause due to large amount of work) cookblog and a travelblog, to boot. If I ever get stranded on a desert island, I hope they have sushi there. And watermelon. Wishing for cabernet sauvignon would be pushing it.

Ljubljananjam was founded by me, Iva, long-term photojournalist, foodgeek, travelbug, avid Couchsurfer and communications consultant. It combines all my passions: photography, journalism, event organising, communications and, of course, great food and wine. Born and raised in Ljubljana, I spent over 2 years of my life in Vancouver, Canada, and somewhat the same amount of time elsewhere around the globe – travelling is my life. All this time, tourists and locals alike were asking me: where in Ljubljana can one grab a delicious bite?! After yet another year in Vancouver, where I worked in a wine store, I decided it was time for a new venture when I returned home. My friends thought the same. Therefore, in the glorious summer of 2013, Ljubljananjam was born.

Meet Alenka who joined the team in 2015! Hello, my name is Alenka, and apart from truly enjoying my profession as a tour guide I am also an avid culinary enthusiast. I am especially partial to those delights starting with M: meat, mulled wine, macaroons, mid-day munchies and much more. Knowing Iva has broadened my culinary horisons in dowtown Ljubljana, and I tell you: I would never trade this exceptional experience, but I am more than happy to share it with you! Because every walk in downtown Ljubljana, regardless of how many times you have walked it before, is like stepping across fresh sand. Like the one I have experienced during my 8 year living and working in Egypt. And it is only the people who walk the same path with you that give these footprints an extra spice. Let’s create this unique flavor together, so come join me at Ljubljananjam foodwalks!

Interested in joining our team? Send us an email!

Walks and events are organised by Organizacija dogodkov iVAgabund Iva Gruden, s. p., Ločnikarjeva 4, 1000 Ljubljana, VAT number SI 84047194.

Design is made by Edi’s Kromasom Faktory.

What our guests say about us?

We’ve listed a few reviews of our happy guests, but you can read all of them at our Trip Advisor website.

“Fantastic Tour in Ljubljana!” – Mike and Gillian, USA

We went on a combination food/wine/craft beer tour with Iva in October 2014. We had a great time on the tour and really enjoyed talking to Iva about Slovenian culture. We never would have found the local places where she took us on our own.

“Fabulous food walk” – Karin, Canada

What a great way to start a visit to the charming city of Ljubljana! It was a perfect introduction, not only to the interesting eating establishments and regional food, but also to the old city. Iva’s enthusiasm for the food and the city shines through. Highly recommended.

“Straight to the good stuff” – Josh and Sarah, USA

Iva’s foodwalk was like a shortcut into local, quality food culture. Iva is friendly and knowledgeable, explaining what makes Slovenian food special. Not only did we sample great food and drink from three cafe/restaurants, Iva also pointed out the interesting places we could visit on our own time. We liked the restaurants so much that we returned again before leaving Ljubljana. We recommend this tour for anyone visiting the city!

“A lot of fun.” – Thomas, Austria

I did a craft beer walk with Iva. The beer we tested was really really good, so good that we had to take some Slovenian beer home. The bars she showed us were small local businesses, who were enthusiastic about their craft. Iva is a lovely guide full of knowledge and passion. It felt like walking around with a buddy and not like a dry tour. It’s easy to communicate with Iva beforehand, and she’ll put together a tour set to your needs if you want to. Can’t recommend it enough.

My sister and I went on a food walk with Iva on one of our first nights in Ljubljana and it was such a great way to get to know the city. Iva’s enthusiasm for the city and the food was infectious and we learnt a lot of interesting things about the food. Iva adapted the walk to be gluten free for us and it didn’t feel like we were missing out at all. We loved the Ljubljana cake and went back for more a few times during our stay! Thanks Iva!


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